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Upholstery Cleaning

Is your upholstered furniture looking old before it’s time? Do you avoid entertaining at home because the upholstery on your sofa and chairs is soiled and stained? Are you considering buying new furniture for a price you really can’t afford simply because your current upholstered furniture has lost its color and appeal? Our quality upholstery cleaning service can rescue you from living with upholstered furniture that has become dull and lifeless at an affordable price and without wasting your time.

Our quality upholstery cleaning service knows that upholstery fabric is a magnet for dirt, dust and a variety of pollutants over time that cause the fibers to become matted, discolored and listless. Families with children and pets face an even greater challenge keeping upholstered furniture clean, with assorted food and beverage stains as well as pet dander and other unsavory aromas becoming locked into the upholstery. But our quality upholstery cleaning

service not only restores the beauty and freshness you first enjoyed when your furniture was brand new but also removes odors and smells that have accumulated over time.

Our expert cleaning process not only removes surface dirt from your furnishings, we extract any dangerous bacteria which has been lurking there for months and maybe even years. Clients who have used our upholstery cleaning service are amazed at how quickly we can restore drab looking furniture to like-new appearance. Let our experienced upholstery cleaning technicians provide the best deep cleaning your upholstered furniture has ever experienced and take pride in enjoying furniture that looks beautiful and smells fresh again.

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