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Hard Surface Cleaning

The benefits of using our hard surface cleaning service are, quite simply, that we know the best type of cleaners to use for different types of floor. Once in a while, we could get away with using a citrus cleaner on a floor made of glazed ceramic, but we would never use it on stone, because such a cleanser will etch the stone. We also know not to use ammonia on a linoleum floor because ammonia can ruin the color. Our cleansers and cleaning methods are always appropriate for the type of floor our customer has. Our cleansers are eco-friendly and our equipment, be they mops, brooms, scrub brushes or cleaning cloths, are both thorough and gentle. Of course, we can use the cleansers that our customer prefers.

We can give our customers regular service, whether once a week or twice a month. We can also give them one time service. We can clean the floors of the home they’re moving into or the home they’re moving out of.

Our professionals have years of experience in floor cleaning and are licensed and insured. They’re also courteous and neat and never leave a mess for our customer to have to clean up. We also offer our customers free estimates and a written contract that leaves nothing to chance. When we’re through with a job, the floor will be thoroughly cleaned, even in the corners and the grouting between the tiles. We are also happy to provide references to our new customers.

New customers shouldn’t hesitate to contact Steam Masters today for their hard surface cleaning needs!

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